Van Days....Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Office Days...Monday and Friday

Estimated Rotation Schedule for 2018-19

RSU - 73
Spruce Mountain Middle/High September 4th to 26th

Dentist Day September 26th

Re-Care Day October 30th 

Spruce Mountain Elementary - September 27th to October 11th

Re-Care Day October 30th

Spruce Mountain Primary - October 16th to October 30th

Dentist day November 7th

Tentative Date ... Re-Care November 30th

MDHO's Accomplishments while at RSU 73

Hygiene Services

100 students seen for cleanings, screenings, oral hygiene instruction, dietary counseling and re-mineralization treatments

64 Sets of Radiographic Images taken

542 Sealants placed

35 Temporary Fillings placed

128 Cervitec applications provided

Dentist Services

53 Dentist Evaluations

64 Radiographic Images read

13 students seen for a Dentist Appointment - 9 Cases Completed

 13 Composites placed & 3 Extractions provided

Decay Vs. No Decay  Statistics

61 students were new to the program - 31 were cavity free and 30 had 152 cavities

39 students were prior patients - 24  were cavity free 

15 students that were prior patients had 51 cavities

 37 cavities had been previously identified and referred while 14 were new

Referrals for Further Care

21 students were referred to Community Dental - Farmington

6 students were referred to Just for Kids Pediatric Dentistry

8 students were referred to Jesse Albert Clinic for Orthodontic Evaluations

A Huge Thank You goes out to the Staff at RSU 73 for making our job easier! 

To the secretaries, Karen, Sherry, Rebecca, Wendy, Kathy, Aurelie & Sally, for locating our students, to the nurses, Jackie, Jen & Deanna, for their dedication and concern for the children they are tasked to provide medical care to and to Scott in the IT Department for making sure we have an internet connection!

While we will miss you we are glad to have finished before the snow stuck to the ground ;-)

Susanne, Laura, Sherry, Amy & Phil

RSU - 2
Henry L. Cottrell-  November 13th, 14th & 15th

Monmouth Middle &  Monmouth Academy - November 19, 27,29

No School November 20th & 27th- Snow Days

Re-Care - TBD

Augusta School District

Currently providing services at:

Sylvio J. Gilbert School - November 29th to December 20th

Dentist Day 1 - December 5th

Dentist Day 2 - December 19th

Re-Care Day - TBD

Next Cony

Cony Middle/High School- December 20th to January 17th

Dentist Day 1 - January 9th

Dentist Day 2 - January 16th

Re-Care Day - TBD

MSAD - 11

Currently Qualifying students at Gardiner High
Gardiner High - January 17th to ...

 Gardiner Middle - February

Pittston - February

River View - February

Laura E Richards - March

Helen Thompson - March

RSU - 2 Continued

Hall-Dale Elementary - April/May 

Hall-Dale Middle/High - April/May

Marcia Buker, Richmond Middle/High & Dresden - March

Augusta Continued

Hussey - April/May

Farrington - April/May

Lincoln - April/May


Winthrop Middle/High - May/June

Winthrop Grade School - May/June